Supplier Verification & Site Visitation

Supplier Verification & Site Visitation

We are dedicated to demystify the identity of suppliers and potential suppliers. We'll get to the truth for you.

We do the following checks of supplier verification process on the reliability of the supplier:
1. Check if the supplier is a trading company or a factory
2. Check the factory capacity and compare that to your ordering needs
3. Check the supplier's history on making the product you need – and their previous business experience in the past
4. Equipment check including machines and plant
5. Labor check including number of employees, engineers, managers, management structure
6. Certifications and documents confirmation

When deciding on a supplier partner, you need to know who you're dealing with. We can do an on-site audit for you to ensure that the factory you've chosen can meet your needs and requirements, and allows you to compare several suppliers to find the right one to do the job.

We do the following checks:
1. Check the factory scale / aptitudes / operation & capacity
2. Development / technology
3. Quality management
4. Delivery time & follow-up management
5. State of ethical management

During the production process you might want someone to make a surprise visit on your behalf to your factory. You might not need a full inspection – just need someone to check in with the factory and confirm what the factory has reported. We will have the report out to you the same day, and can check on the specific questions that you have.

We will arrive on site and report back to our customers a simple report including but not limited to the following:
1. What percentage of production has occurred
2. Are we still on schedule with the order
3. A quick check for quality
4. Is the packaging ready and correct?

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