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Dropship Ready Website Package

Business Opportunity: Get Your Dropship Ready Website Today

Want to start a business but no capital to purchase stock at wholesale price with good profit margin, or scared to risk the limited funds you’re having?

This is a business opportunity for individuals and partnerships who want to start a side line while working full time elsewhere.

  • All you required to do is to spend some time each day to add products and fulfill orders.
  • You don’t need to invest in inventory or warehouse space.
  • A one stop dropshipping shop to get you started.

See as an example of what you will get with this business opportunity. Product categories and wide range products to be your niche.

What you’ll get with this business opportunity:

  • Your own web domain (.com .asia .co .net .me .biz .org)
  • Fully functioning website to get you started.
  • Full control of the product categories you want to see.
  • Full profit to keep and need not share with domain hosting (eg shopify/oberlo charges a fee for each transaction)
  • Auto share function to instagram, twitter, Facebook each time you upload products.
  • SEO ready
  • Free domain hosting (1 year)
  • Free domain name renewal (lifetime*)
  • Training will be provided to learn how to search, upload and maintain products.

Original RRP: $1488
PROMO: $888

See our e-commerce website for example
Don’t miss this great opportunity to start earning some side income for a start!

Documentation & Business Support

Every shipment requires detailed submission of documents to the Customs & Port department.

We are able to provide support to prepare:
1. Commercial invoices
2. Packing list
3. Certificate of Origins
4. Systematically upload container loading photos
5. Other necessary ad-hoc jobs to ensure a smooth transition

We are committed to offering our customers a comprehensive service, “A to Z” if you will, whereby you will never be stranded on a failed shipment.

Customised Employee Training Plan

Every organisation needs to constantly keep their sales force or backend staff well equipped with knowledge and skills. In order to achieve this and be at tip top condition all the time, the managers need to conduct in-house training or seek a freelance professional to provide the help.

We are able to provide support and help in:
1. Preparing the training plan proposal so you can present it to your management
2. Conceptualise your intended training plans
3. Preparing course materials and contents
4. Seeking freelance professionals to run your training
5. Providing certification of attendance in digital copies
6. Reviewing and improvising your existing training programs

Pre-Shipment & Container Loading Inspection

The order is complete (or close to complete). Don't you want to know what you'll expect to find when you or your customer can expect to find when the container is opened? The purpose of the Pre-Shipment Inspection is to give you a clear depiction of the state of your order before it is shipped.

We systematically and thoroughly follows your guidelines to inspect your order including the following aspects:
1. Product appearance
2. Weight measurements
3. Dimensions measurements
4. Labels and bar codes
5. Workmanship
6. Quantities of product completed
7. Packaging and packing including shipping marks

We are committed to offering our customers a comprehensive service, “A to Z” if you will, whereby you will never be stranded on a failed inspection. The main difference between us and the inspection-only companies out there is that we pride ourselves on the knowledge we have and we use that knowledge and experience on your behalf to source, secure, inspect and deliver your products to you. Our service team will get involved in your order and ensure that order scheduling, tracking, communications with you and the factory – these are all key elements for a successful order. We are involved in your business and will work and fight on your behalf to ensure mistakes are reduced to as few as possible.

The purpose of Container Loading Inspection is to minimise surprises. Our trained inspectors can supervise the loading and ensure that you know what to expect when the container is delivered to you or directly to your customer.

1. Full Quantity Check
2. Check of the Packing List compared to loading
3. Conditions of the container inside and out
4. Check of Quality of cartons
5. Quick check of product quality before shipment

Supplier Verification & Site Visitation

We are dedicated to demystify the identity of suppliers and potential suppliers. We'll get to the truth for you.

We do the following checks of supplier verification process on the reliability of the supplier:
1. Check if the supplier is a trading company or a factory
2. Check the factory capacity and compare that to your ordering needs
3. Check the supplier's history on making the product you need – and their previous business experience in the past
4. Equipment check including machines and plant
5. Labor check including number of employees, engineers, managers, management structure
6. Certifications and documents confirmation

When deciding on a supplier partner, you need to know who you're dealing with. We can do an on-site audit for you to ensure that the factory you've chosen can meet your needs and requirements, and allows you to compare several suppliers to find the right one to do the job.

We do the following checks:
1. Check the factory scale / aptitudes / operation & capacity
2. Development / technology
3. Quality management
4. Delivery time & follow-up management
5. State of ethical management

During the production process you might want someone to make a surprise visit on your behalf to your factory. You might not need a full inspection – just need someone to check in with the factory and confirm what the factory has reported. We will have the report out to you the same day, and can check on the specific questions that you have.

We will arrive on site and report back to our customers a simple report including but not limited to the following:
1. What percentage of production has occurred
2. Are we still on schedule with the order
3. A quick check for quality
4. Is the packaging ready and correct?